Its my honor to introduce Geroge Garcia as our March 2017 member of the month. Great to talk cars with and one of the nicest people in the club. We are lucky to have George with us here at NY5

Muck: how did you end up with your camaro ?

George: I have always been a muscle car nut. Had several of the them , 1970 Super Bee, 1973 Plymouth Duster 340 6Pack, 1970 Camaro with a 350 cid engine and a 1993Mustang GT. After the down sizing trend I stopped getting them until the new muscle car era evolved. Went to buy a Mustang but the seats were tight and I did not feel comfortable at all. I checked out the Camaro, 5th Gen, and I really fell in love with the lines and ergonomics. And the fact that they kept the theme of the old Camaro. I pulled the trigger on a 2014 Camaro RS 2LT.



Muck: how did you find the ny5thgen family ? 

George: Actually I had been doing my research on the 5th Gen Camaro ant the web site came up . I actually became a member before buying my Camaro.


Muck: is there any event that stands out to you ?  

George: The event that stands out to me is the Charity toy run and collection for the mental hospital that we do every year. I really like giving to a worthy cause. I also go to Philadelphia for a toy run that my motorcycle club does every year at St jude's hospital for children . Its amazing the courage and joy that these children have.

Muck: best memory in your camaro ?

George: Best memory on my Camaro has to be meeting the club members for the first time at the Croton Dam Legends of the Fall meet. I then realize the great group of friends that make this club what it is.


Muck: what are your impressions of the 6 th gen ?

George: I saw the 6th gen Camaro at the Car show in NYC. I really did not like the lines, felt really cramped when I sat in it. The job Chevy did on the interior has to be commended except for the seats. And I really did not like the rear tail lights

Muck: any words of wisdom for our brothers and sisters out here ? 

George: I would have to say to keep all the good work the members do coming. It is already a very tight family . All we need to do is keep it going.